We are TEssMa.

The company name TEssMa derives from the name of its founder, Thomas Esswein, combined with the task of aligning marketing specifically with mechanical engineering. Founded in 2010, the 10th company anniversary is due in 2020. However, the company’s wealth of experience dates back as far as 1987. As a result, it became clear that the market requires a company that specializes in special precision tools. Thus, TEssMa offers high-quality tools from the measuring technology, which are primarily used for testing and measuring of cutting machines.

This specialization results in an immense competitive advantage. While in the case of competitors, explicit measuring technology tools are often sold only as niche products, TEssMa can access the entire range of these products – across all interfaces, sizes and requirements without having to take account of their own production capabilities or capacities. Also, individual precision tools in competitors rather represent additions to the program while TEssMa views the precision tool as a core competence.

The trained mechanical engineer, Thomas Esswein, has gathered an equally competent team that knows how to respond to customer requests. The company operates globally and serves customers in Australia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, USA, Canada and Brazil, with a focus on Germany and Europe. Customers include both companies using TEssMa products directly and well-known retailers who serve their demanding customers. TEssMa cooperates only with manufacturers who apply the same high standards of quality and delivery reliability. Because TEssMa itself does not produce precision tools but is dedicated to engineering, selection and marketing, the company finds worldwide solutions for industrial measuring and clamping technology.

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Industrial measuring and clamping technology for the highest demands.

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